INSEES, composed of the faculty members and students from EIE Department, is the official departmental society of the Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Branch. It acts as a stock house of tremendous opportunity to enhance an individual’s arena of interests; it also helps the students to learn and experience the work ethics of a society and lets one play a dutiful role in bestowing INSEES with their significant contribution adding to its growth as a society.


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It aims in establishing Techno-managerial skills by imparting quality technical intelligence regarding Industrial endeavors and by uplifting professional standards and fostering innovation. It works to introduce adaptability so as to grow technologically sound engineers by investing the youth into R&D and discussing future prospects of Instrumentation in this modern era.


(Yearly Activities)



A plethora of enlightening and inspiring workshops are conducted by INSEES where learned professionals from various fields in the corporate industry are invited as speakers. It also helps them network with like minded people and empower each other in different ways. This helps students broaden their skills, as well as their understanding of their interest field.

Workshops on various booming domains like 3-Days Python Bootcamp and Matlab were organized under the banner of INSEES. Over the years we have already organized several workshops conducted by INTEL, HexNBit an Ed- tech startup, MathWorks and many more to count on, they have shown trust in us and abide to stand for the same in the future.

It was with the help of our speakers Mr. Mallela Chandrashekhar and Mr. Udit Ojha that we could make this module a success. Our alumnus -Tushar Vatsa Abhinav Asthna, Ripom Paul and Raju Sharma have boasted our sessions to great heights.



 This is a one-of-a-kind module, started with the objective of advocating Science and Technology among the students and facilitating this generation a step closer to the sphere of Electronics and Instrumentation. An assemblage of episodes in the official youtube channel of INSEES, are released under this module, educating the current generation regarding several technological advancements in today’s time and the concept of Instrumentation.



Amidst the span of online mode of acquiring knowledge, INSEES introduced yet another module as “INSEES INVICTUS” which served as an aide to students in communicating with our notable alumni. With the assistance of speakers like, Mr. Mallela Chandrashekhar and Mr. Udit Ojha, we were able to turn this into a great success. Alumni including, Abhinav Asthna, Ripom Paul, Raju Sharma and Tushar Vatsa have vaunted our conclaves to great heights.


Alpha Crescendo is the flagship annual fest of INSEES. All the events conducted under this fest were not only a way to vent and act like stress busters but also won them exciting prizes in return.

A bunch of events are organized under its banner, such as debate, quiz, hackathons and many more. Students show immense interest and enthusiasm, helping in making this event a huge success. Various students from 20 different colleges all over India, including IITs and NITs have shown their interests and deliberately participated in all the events organized under Alpha Crescendo.