Sponsored Projects

S.No Name of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Duration Amount Sanctioned (in lakhs)
1 Development of battery supercapacitor hybrid energy storage for standalone solar photovoltaic power systems. DST PI- Dr. Munmun Khanra 2016-2021 23.324
2 Design and development of multi-bit phase change memory devices for next-generation high density non-volatile memory applications SERB-DST PI- Dr. Shivendra Kumar Pandey 2019-2022 44.77
3 Design of a stable baby walker for different age groups MSME PI- Dr. Koena Mukherjee, Co-PI- Dr. Sudipta Chakraborty 2021 1.125
4 Cradle of Happiness MSME PI- Dr. V C Pal, Co-PI- Dr. Sudipta Chakraborty 2021-2022 1.8
5 Design & Development of Underwater Vehicles ( 1. ROV & 2. small AUV ) for surveillance purpose TIH IIT G Co-PI- Dr. Koena Mukherjee 2021-2024 10
6 Design and Development of an Underwater Vehicle Manipulator System for cleaning of bio-foulings in a submerged pipeline at sea DST PI- Dr. Koena Mukherjee 2022-2025 41.17
7 Modelling and Analysis of Susceptible Asymptomatic Infected Removed (SAIR) Epidemic Model with Vaccination and Information-Dependent Vaccination: Application to Covid-19 Pandemic in India SERB PI- Dr. Manas Kumar Bera 2022-2025 6.6
8 Development of Health Diagnostic Framework for Onboard Electric Vehicle Batteries and Repurposing of Retired Batteries SERB PI- Dr. Munmun Khanra 2022-2025 22
9 Establishment of Science Technology and Innovation Hub in NIT Silchar, Cachar, Assam, for the socio-economic upliftment of SC/ST population in Assam DST Co-PI- Dr. Shankar. K 2022-2025 144.37
10 Capacity Building for human resource development in Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone and Related Technology) MeiTY, IIITDM Kurnool and C-DAC Hyderabad as a part of Project Management Unit PI- Dr. Ranjay Hazra 2022-2027 150
11 Inclusive Economic Development of India via Digital STEM&L Education SPARC, MoE PI- Dr. Ranjay Hazra, Co-PI- Dr. Manas Kumar Bera 2023-2025 49
12 RIS-aided D2D communication for 5G and beyond networks CRG, SERB PI- Dr. Ranjay Hazra 2024-2027 51.37
13 Structural characterization and device performance of superlattice structure-based phase change memory for low power consumption and high-speed non-volatile data storage applications CRG, SERB PI- Dr. Shivendra Kumar Pandey 2024-2027 41.14
14 Development of smart solar photovoltaic system having encapsulated phase change material with artificial intelligence based real-time conditioning monitoring CRG, SERB Co-PI- Dr. Sudarsan Sahoo 2024-2027 48.66